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    Control of your lighting, climate, entertainment, and security from a single app.

Automate Your Southwest Florida Home

Home automation is an evolving industry that creates the ultimate home experience by using current technologies to control home entertainment, indoor climate, lighting, energy consumption, and home security in a user friendly way.

At WireFree Naples, we specialize in analyzing our customer’s needs and design a detailed plan that accomplishes their home automation goals. Our knowledge in selecting and installing the required equipment and following up with training and on-going customer support takes the stress out of the process for our clients, giving them the peace of mind that they have received the latest technology the industry has to offer at a competitive price.

Transform your home into a smart home, with you in total control!
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Your Whole Naples Home Automated In One Touch

Create a home that is uniquely yours and suits the way you live

Distributed Audio

Listen to audio in one or all rooms of your home. Control of audio will be fun and easy to use utilizing familiar Apple® or Droid based controls.

Smart Lighting

Simple control over lights and outlets. Smart lighting can use timers, motion sensors and dimmers to enhance security and reduce energy costs.

Advanced Temperature

Help conserve energy and ensure comfort.  Automatically adjust based on the seasons, time of day or outside temperature.

One-Touch Home Theater

Eliminate the need for multiple remotes and confusion. Control through an easy to use house controller or an Apple® / Droid.

Safety and Security

Monitor glass breaks, motion, contacts, weight sensors and IP cameras from anywhere. Know when the kids come home or a specified event happens.

And More...

If you can imagine a way that home-control can make your life easier, we can make it happen!

"It's so easy now to watch a movie. I used to have so many remote controls. I can even change the temperature without having to get up."
"Fantastic! Controlling everything with my iPhone is incredibly convenient. This definitely makes life much easier. Thank you WireFree."
"I feel very spoiled. I get so excited to go home and choose my "wind down" preset. It's all so neat and tidy and extremely efficient."
Transform your home into a smart home, with you in total control!
Let's Get Started!