Motorized Shades Naples Fl

WireFree will help you to create a home that is uniquely yours, designed to suit the way you live.

Create the perfect mood for dinner—in advance. When your guests arrive, dim the lights and mix the music just as you planned.Coordinate your thermostats and window shades to improve energy efficiency. It’ll save you money—and the effort of thinking about it.

In your home, it’s never too bright, and never too dark. Create a lighting scheme that’s all your own, indoors and out. Your home texted to say the front door is unlocked. Lock it instantly — your home is within reach, even from miles away.

Create An Atmosphere

Dim the lights, cue up a playlist, and lower the shades for an intimate effect—then tap “Date Night” in your Savant Scenes to bring it all to life when the moment’s right.

Capture a Moment

You’ve finally got a moment to yourself. The lights are soft and your new mix is perfectly mellow. Call it “Relax” and create a scene with the touch of a button that you can recall any time you like.

Play in Your Room

Enjoy your personal dinner prep playlist while a party mix is on upstairs and the kids are streaming HD video for a matinee in your living room.

Wake Up Your Home

Schedule a “Good Morning” scene where the house warms before you rise, fades into your favorite song, and turns the news on in the kitchen. Coffee, anyone?

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